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1 RHUSTOX : violent pain in back as if broken, pains cold damp weather , bed in, pains are relieved by movement , pressure hot applications
2 RUTA : pain in nape , back , loins.back ache is better by pressure lying on back.acts upon periosteum, cartlages.
3 HYPERICUM:usefull in compressed injuries punctured wounds.pain in spine due to concussion, injury to coccyx.jerking twitching of muscle. Usefull in radiculopathy, myelopathy.spinal canal stenosis, disc compression
4 CALC FLOUR :pain in lower part of the back, fullness burning pain. Pains due to early degeneration , caries necrosis of the discs.pains after operations.tendency to form adhesions, tumours in spine. INDICATED IN SPINAL TUMOURS, LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS, ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS.
5 NUX VOMICA:burning pain in back 3 to 4 am
6 Cervico brachial neuralgia, touch Must sit up in order to turn in bed.
7 KALI CARB :sharp stitching pains.back feels stiff , weak, burning pain sweat over back.pain from hip to knee. Pains cool climate.SUITED TO BACK PAIN IN PREGNANCY
8 GUIACUM :chief action on fibrous tissue, adopted to rheumatism, gout Stiffness in back , lower limbs.stiffnewss in neck sore shoulder .left sided sciatica.pains motion , cool climate, touch
9 GAULTHERIA :suited to sciatica , neuralgic pains.neuralgia associated with gastralgia.
10 GNAPHALIUM:sciatica associated with numbness.rt sided sciatica.
Back pain >resting on back
11 CAUSTICUM:stiffness between shoulders , dull pain in neck, lt sciatica with numbness.contraction of tendons.unsteady walking
12 SEPIA :weakness in small of back restless in all limbs, back pain before menses
Back pain associated with pelvic inflamtory diseases

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